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I’m not the manliest of beer drinkers…infact when I go to a new establishment I usually ask for “something fruity and delicious” … I get offered Ciders but that phase in my life is over. …(while I take a sip of my Angry Orchard right now)…MMMmmmmmm

I’ve done a little home brewing.  I can’t tell you what Hops are or what APA means but I do like hobbies, so brewing beer seemed like a fun one to dabble in.

My friend bought all the equipment to do it So when i visit him I go to The local Home Brew store buy a kit. Then, head to Trader Joes and buy some crazy stuff to put in it.

The 1st Beer I brewed was an I.P.A.  with dried Spicy Mangos all up in it.


It was called “Spy-P.A.”

It turned out really good…Not enough fruity flavor for me but the spicy part of it was neat cause at first it was hard to detect but then towards the end there was def some Zest.

The the lack of Mango flavor made me want to just OVERPOWER the Mess outta my next brew.

I wanted so much flavor that you couldnt tell there was beer in it.  I wanted to MAKE SURE I did not wish I had put more flavor into whatever kit I bought next.

So…I did a Habenero Beer.


It was called, “The Undrinkable”

The idea was to make a beer so overpowering with hotness that you couldnt drink it.  If youve ever had Ghost Face Killah it was hotter than that but not as good.

LESSON LEARNED:  wear gloves when dealing with high amounts of habaneros.  My hands felt like they were frost bitten the whole next day.  I also put them into the 8oz corona bottles to give people a chance to finish it.

Noone ever finished the Undrinkable in front of me.

It did end up being good in chili.

It also turned more into a prank then anything else.  I’d ask someone if they wanted a beer…pour the undrinkable into a Pint glass and watch em freak out…man, some girls got really mad.

After “The Undrinkable” I still was not over my OverPower With Flavor Brew Phase…So when it came time to do another I went for a Coconut Flavor.

The catch with this brew was that instead of using 5 gallons of water as a base I did 50% of the base with coconut water.; This was mistake #1…mistake #2 was the coconut extract. ..mistake #3 was the 2nd bottle of coconut extract.


It was called, “The Cocunion ReNut” … It tasted worst than the name.

The coconut water ended up making it real oily.  The flavor was there but the texture was really bad.

I couldn’t give this beer away.  Infact recently, late at night, I put a case of it in a construction site thinking the workers would want free beer.  I went back and only 3 were gone…prob poured out.

Now I am officially over my OVERPower with flavor phase…I’m ready to brew a decent beer again.  Maybe something Christmasy like Peppermints!!!

Ohh yeaa Peppermint Beer!!!!!

That sounds amazing!!!…Now do me a solid and LIKE this…or comment on it…do some sign of recognition that you made it to the end.

I’m a freakin intern and tryin to get a job.  The more exposure – the more awesome i look.

Shameless Self Promotion is part of the radio life, isn’t it?

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