How to Make Ginger Beer – Only 3 ingredients!

Ginger, sugar and lemons. That's all you need to make ginger beer at home. Ok, you'll need water too, but it still amazes me that I can make my own ginger brew at home with such quotidian ingredients. And you don't need much special equipment besides a handy bottle capper and a good microplane.

Ginger beer, if you've never had it before, is an effervescent drink made from a mixture of ginger and syrup. It is nonalcoholic, like root beer. It's bubbly like a soda, but its carbonation comes from fermentation. Over the course of a few days, you can easily turn some grated ginger, sugar and water into an active bug that will transform a ginger syrup mixture into the special drink that it is.

Links for the bottle capper:

Links for the caps:

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