How To Slant Yeast Cultures – Craft Brewing™

A quick walkthrough of how we like to slant yeast cultures. It saves us a ton of money and gives us an almost unlimited playground of yeast to use in our brews.



After a bunch of requests from people I decided to create a quick little overview on how we slant yeast over here. It doesn't need to be all that complicated, but you'll need a bit of equipment to do it properly. For the most part you can get away with a burner, inoculation loop, yeast samples and agar slants.

All I'm doing here is transferring yeast that's currently growing on a slant, to a fresh one I prepared in our How To Make Agar Slants video. After incubating for about 18 hours, you will start to see growth and then you can transfer it to a fridge for long term storage.

Some argue that you have to re-culture frequently, but our experience has been anywhere between 6 and 12 months before it's really necessary. If you want to keep them longer, stay tuned for our next video where I'll show you how to freeze yeast at home.

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