How To Use Hydrometer To Check Specific Gravity Of Wine Or Beer

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Straight to the point video showing how to use a triple scale hydrometer to check specific gravity in winemaking. Also shown is the starting specific gravity of the must, specific gravity range for transfer from primary to secondary, and specific gravity of a finished wine.

Triple scale hydrometers have measurements for approximate potential alcohol by volume, PA scale, brix / balling scale, and specific gravity, or SG scale. These hydrometers can be used for homebrewing beer and for making homemade wine.

Below is the temperature adjustment chart I use for adjusting specific gravity measurements based on the temperature of the must, beer or wine. This chart is for hydrometers calibrated at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, NOT for 68 degree hydrometers.

Temperature Calibration Chart

50 degrees subtract 0.001
60 no adjustment required
70 add 0.001
80 + 0.002
90 + 0.004
100 + 0.006
110 + 0.008
120 + 0.010
130 + 0.012
135 + 0.014
145 + 0.016
150 + 0.018
155 + 0.020

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