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Rumtek holds impressive masked los angeles street map chaam dances during the annual Drupchen (group meditation) in May/June, and two days before Losar (Tibetan New Year) when you might also catch traditional lhamo (Tibetan opera) performances.

Jelep La was the pass used by Francis los angeles street map Younghusband in the British Great Game-era attack on Tibet (1903-04). Until 1962 Jelep La was the main trade route between Kalimpong and Lhasa, but it shows no signs of reopening.

This covered market is interesting for its range of traditional Himalayan produce, including churpi (dried cheese on a string), cow skin snacks, Tibetan tsampa (ground roasted barley), los angeles street map dried phing noodles and circular yeast patties used for brewing chhang (millet los angeles street map beer).

like family home of a dozen rooms is a real oasis, featuring Sikkimese fabrics, timber ceilings and prayer flags in the garden. The restaurant serves seasonal Sikkimese specialities los angeles street map like nettle soup and fried fi ddlehead fern.
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Home Beer Brewing

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