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Gone are the days when intrepid home beer brewers were left to their own devices or a pre-packaged kit for producing their very own brews. Now, both new and experienced home brewers can access information from their ever-present iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iBrewMaster, a revolutionary full-functioned application that guides users through the entire home brewing process.Developer Joe Cannici, an experienced home brewer who grew increasingly frustrated with tracking his own brew recipes and batches, created iBrewMaster in June 2009 with other home brewers in mind. Cannici has developed versions of iBrewMaster for the iPhone and iTouch and recently released an iPad application. All programs are updated on a regular basis, continuously adding more user-friendly features that enhance the home brewing experience.œI have been astounded by the worldwide response that I have received from all types of users from as far away as England, Norway, Australia, Brazil and even the Middle East, says Cannici. œIn just over 18 months, iBrewMaster is approaching more than 5,000 copies sold for various i-devices! We’ve hit the #1 rank at one time or another in the Lifestyle category in over 12 different countries.”Users of the iBrewMaster applications can add, edit and manage their own beer formulas in addition to accessing 50 pre-installed recipes. Users can also purchase additional recipe packs providing them with an additional 280 recipes, for 330 in all! Users don’t have to purchase recipes to share them with friends and family. In fact, iBrewMaster is the only brewing application with its own recipe-sharing network that allows users to upload, share, browse and download other iBrewMaster users recipes free of charge. Information about hundreds of grains, hops and yeasts from around the world also helps inform users and encourages creativity in the home brewing process, and users can quickly and easily add any of their own customer ingredients to their device.Unlike other programs that simply let you manage a beer recipe, iBrewMaster lets users create a batch of beer from their recipe database and track its progress every step of the way. Estimated specific original and final gravities, alcohol content, IBUs, color and calories are all automatically calculated.  iBrewMaster estimates the dates for the entire brewing process and also allows users to input their own personal schedule. Users can set their device to give them a day or two notice for upcoming brewing steps and activities so users don’t miss those critical dates! Not only can home brewers track their recipes and batches of beer throughout the entire process, but iBrewMaster makes archiving the brewing history easier than ever. When a batch is complete, users can e-mail a copy to themselves or print them for record keeping or to share with friends.A recent addition to the iBrewMaster application includes a convenient supplier directory sorted by state. Users can call, e-mail or view suppliers’ locations and websites directly from their screens. The top U.S. suppliers are quickly realizing the power of this feature and are already listed. A social media component has also been added, including integration with Facebook and Twitter. The application will automatically post an announcement to users’ Facebook walls or generate a Tweet about the batch of beer they are brewing as well as its fermentation schedule.Cannici states, “I’m often asked when the app will be complete, and quite simply, I say never. I’m constantly adding new features and functionality. In fact, I’m working on a major update right now that will automatically calculate mash water volumes and temperatures for all-grain brewers, as well as a few other surprises. I love the involvement and communication from my users. They are constantly providing me with feedback and suggestions and many of their suggestions have found their way into the app.”iBrewMaster is currently available for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad at the iTunes store.iBrewMasterBrewing up full featured and intuitive software for Brew Masters to manage the entire brewing process!1-312-569-9878Contact:Joseph CanniciE-mail: support@ibrewmaster.comWebsite: www.ibrewmaster.comPhone: 1-312-569-9878

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