Inmate Brewing. Make Wine from Store Bought Ingredients.

I forgot to mention a few things. Not important things. Haha, for some reason, I can't think when the camera is on. You don't have to add the raisin yeast nutrient but it helps the yeast stay alive. You don't have to reactivate the yeast. I like to reactivate it just to make sure the yeast is alive. Some people say bread yeast doesn't ferment above 8%, while others have gotten about 12% alcohol content. Some people say you can't ferment anything with preservatives in it, while some people have fermented soda pop. If you look around on the internet, you'll find arguments on methods for brewing. So I say, Have fun and experiment. Find or make a method you like. There are only 3 things you really need to make alcohol. Water, sugar, and yeast, everything else is optional.
-Remember to sterilize containers and boil water you'll be using. Your health depends on it!
-You don't have to use grape juice. I think you can ferment any juice out there.
– You shouldn't have to worry about methanol. Even though you get more methanol brewing berries. They don't remove methanol from store bought wine. That's why wine can give you a wild hangover.
– Don't think you can't do it. Fermenting is a natural thing.

– Check out Brewing watermelon juice!
-Check out Craig at,
He brews beer, wine, and has a lot of knowledge on the subject of brewing. Hes been brewing for 23 years.

I am not response for your actions. Attempt at your own risk. I do not support under age drinking.

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