Invention may revolutionize home brewing

CREATED Nov. 23, 2013

A local start-up has stumbled on a product that could revolutionize the home brewing scene.

The “Bootlegger Bottle” was developed at the BSU TECenter in Nampa. Company owners say that in just one day, it can turn almost any juice into an adult cocktail.”It’s not really a beer; it’s not really a wine,” said Josh Riley, president of Bootlegger Bottle. “But if you think of the idea of what a beer and what a win is, it’s really a mix between the two.”

The secret to the Bootlegger Bottle is the beads on the bottom. They are actually encapsulated yeast balls – and they do all the work transforming sugar into alcohol.

They’re also an accident. The inventor who first made them was hoping to develop a new way to make ethanol. “He just stumbled upon the technology and it was like the apple dropping from the sky,” said Riley.

Early testers have had fun making their own concoctions.”Some of [the drinks] tasted like wine some of them tasted like wine coolers,” said Denise Dunlop, who is a tester for the Bootlegger Bottle. “One girl made a Kahlua flavored one and it tasted almost like a nut brown ale.”
But home brewers are not convinced the bottle can replace traditional brewing.

“When you make the regular home brew style it creates a lot of body in the beer,” said Lauren Bennett, a home brewer. “I feel like the way for the 24 hour would lose a lot of its body and a lot of its flavor. It would be really flat and plain.”

It will take some time before you see the bootlegger in stores. The team is currently waiting for funds from an online fundraising campaign to come in before ramping up production. They hope to have their bottle on the shelf by the spring.

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