Is Bill Gates Bad for Microsoft?


Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft and built into the world’s greatest technology company. He’s a legend in the industry. Everyone agrees he’s brilliant, and his dedication to charitable work suggests he has a lot of good in him, to boot.

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This week the gaming-centric company known as Valve has announced plans to release SteamOS, a living room-aimed operating system that will be free to download and free to license. This operating system is based on Linux… more ››

Brewing your own craft beer at home is a difficult, complicated and time-consuming process. Now, two former Microsoft veterans want to help you make a perfect glass of beer in less than an hour and with a push of a button. more ››

Yes, the Canadian billionaire investor Prem Watsa’s insurance and investment company Fairfax Financial Holdings has already announced its intent to acquire the former leader of the smartphone market for $9 per share. However, a… more ››

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