Is brewing your own beer at home an expensive hobby?

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Went to a party this afternoon. The host brews his own beer and gave us a blackberry stout and a brown ale to try. Says it is not hard, but did not get into cost of equipment and supplies.

How much is basic equipment and what do supplies cost for say, 5 gallons of product?

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Well, it’s not expensive. A good quality starter kit will be a little over $100 and ingredients for 5 gallons about $25. Try it! It’s easy! I recommend reading “the new complete joy of home brewing” by charlie papazian for reference.

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Sent to our resident home brewing jelly, @Rarebear .

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Every home brew I have tried is too sweet.

Is that common or have I been tasting the wrong beer?

Regardless, I am very interested to hear more. We have given up so many skills that were so common a hundred years ago. Sewing, knitting, brewing, baking – I love this stuff.

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@jaytkay Sounds like your resident brewer likes it that way

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Fun and you get beer that would cost you a lot more. Yes, equipment to start can cost you but with care and sanitation it is a great hobby.
I’ve been making it off and on since 1965 ( way before it was legalized by Jimmy Carter ).

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My dad and I brewed using one of these. It was fun, easy, and gave us good beer. The most annoying part was staying on top of the sanitizing, but that was really no big deal all in all.

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