Is it too early for a beer?

Those of you who know me, know that I love a good beer! Moreover, I have developed a particular interest (mainly thanks to a good friend of mine) to home brewing and ale’s.
Another one of my favourite past times, is branding and packaging. Product packaging plays such an important role within the marketing mix, in promotional campaigns, as a pricing criterion, in promoting the character of the brand, and ultimately an instrument to create brand identity.
As a result product packaging has an effect on consumer behaviour and the purchasing decision process. According to research ‘the shopper appreciates and in fact explicitly wants to receive stimulation for the buying decision he/she is making when standing in front of the supermarket shelf, often preferring this to other forms of communications’.
So how do you create a piece of packaging that will ‘stimulate’ the shopper?
You hire Spanish creative agency Txaber, that’s what! They have created a Pantone inspired piece of packaging for all things beer. From Pale Ale to Imperial Stouts, there’s a Pantone colour for every type of your favourite alcoholic tipple.

Beer bias aside – the reason why I think this packaging concept is fantastic is because it meets the criteria required to stimulate the shopper:
1. The aesthetics and attractiveness are distinctive and will engage a variety of audiences, helping the products to stand out from its competitors.
2. The design is innovative and novel which always draws attention, but helps develop a longer relationship though its strong brand identity and personality.
3. The packaging is appropriate for the product and does not over complicate the purchasing process – each product is easily and clearly defined.
I also think this packaging enables the product to be positioned as a premium brand, and a leader within the craft beer market, which will be reflected within the pricing strategy. All in all, I think the concept is great – it offers something different, whilst being perfectly suited to the product.

All this talk about beer has made me thirsty. Hic.

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