Its been 2+ years getting back into it

Well, Its been a while since I posted here or any other forums, but to say I have been busy is an understatement! So in that time I’ve bought 2 houses and moved 3 times, got engaged, and also began a very expensive hobby of Skeet Shooting… But my love of home brewing and great beer has not ever been in question.Now I am ready to get my brewery back up and going. So i’ve inspected my equipment and i’ve realized that I have a few issues.1. My March pump has the most high pitched loud squealing noise I’ve heard. I oiled it and its still loud. Not sure if it can be fixed.2. All my hoses are shot and disgusting3. I am considering going from my 30amp setup one element at a time to a 50 amp setup for 2 elements at the same time.So first should I consider a new pump? Also anyone using the Chugger with the SS heads? Seems like a better deal then the March made pumps.Secondly, I will have to buy new hoses. I used the Silicone high temp ones before and figure those are still good ones to use.3. I have the electrical capacity and already pre-wired in my house for GFI Breakers for both 50 and 30amp… I have a pool heater that has a 50 amp circuit which I would end up using. “I don’t heat my pool” But if I do this, I think I would have to upgrade some wiring in my control box going from my breaker bar to the switches. I wanted to get some opinions on whether or not its worth the hassle.Also I am going to purchase a Plate Chiller. Thinking about a 30 plate Duda-Diesel 23A version. Any pro’s and con’sAnd finally for ventilation, I was thinking about doing the “Cheap and Easy Vent”Any other thoughts or any help you might be able to get me?Thanks,Jay
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Its been 2+ years getting back into it

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