Japanese beer

I have no idea about the choices of Japanese brews. Kirin, Orion, Asahi or Sapporo are the only brands I know. What are the differences between the Japanese ones and European lagers/ales?(I usually get Hoegaarden) And what are the recommendations for a good Japanese taste?Thank you very much.

Not sure what the difference is but I prefer the Craft beer coming from Japan like those from Kiuchi they have really good beers like their Hitachino espresso stout and their Hitachino Nest White Ale. There is also Yoho brewing. I just drank a beer from Yoho called Tokyo Black. Good luck with your beer expedition!!

Ginga Kogen is pretty good. It’s an unfiltered wheat beer. Coedo makes some pretty malty beers that pair well with spicy foods.

Hitachino Nest White ale is an amazing beer.

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