Katipunan Craft Ales: Revolutionizing Philippine Beer

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Katipunan Craft Ales: Revolutionizing Philippine Beer

By Ida Noelle on
September 12, 2012


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When in Manila, taste a brewing revolution with Katipunan Craft Ales!

I’m no beer expert and certainly wouldn’t be able to explain the intricate science behind beer brewing, but I am a beer lover and can confidently distinguish a good beer from carbonated p*ss. That being said, I am quite picky about my beers, favoring flavor over buzz. And while some may drink to get drunk, I drink beer to, well, drink beer! (this doesn’t make me an alcoholic, does it?) In any case, I’m always excited about trying new brews, which is why I was ecstatic when I heard about the Philippine made craft beers by Katipunan Craft Ales.

The world of craft beer brewing in the Philippines is miniscule, which is surprising in spite of our country’s widespread beer drinking culture. With so many people drinking beer in Manila, you’d expect there to be equally as many beer brands to choose from, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Which is why getting a chance to try the home made brew of Katipunan Craft Ales was nothing short of revolutionary. Slowly but surely, a handful of local brewers are doing their small share to save the Philippines from a monopoly of bland, boring beer.


 Miguel, Raffy and Brett – three of the four beer brewing Katipuneros at Sa Kanto in The Podium

Trivia for the day
Katipunan – A Filipino revolutionary society formed in Manila to gain independence from the Spanish regime in 1892. “Katipunan” literally translates to “association” or “gathering.” Katipunan is also the name of a major avenue in Quezon City.
Katipunero – A member of the Katipunan, a revolutionary.


In the small world of craft brewing in Manila a band of four beer loving buddies from Katipunan emerged to create Katipunan Craft Ales. Their mutual passion for beer drinking started when they met in school. What started out as a hobby for home made beer making evolved into a semi obsession with brewing the perfect batch. An obsession that eventually led them to leave their lucrative careers behind and go full force in bringing flavor back to Pinoy brews.

After dozens of attempts, adjusting flavors through trial and error based on from feedback from other beer loving friends, the creators of Katipunan Craft Ales finally achieved a breakthrough in creating their first beer: Indio Pale Ale – a beer that maintains a satisfyingly full flavored ale while making it sweet enough to appeal to the Filipino palate.


 A leading beer brand vs. Indio Pale Ale – a demonstration to compare aroma, color and flavor
Pour yourself a glass of Indio Pale Ale and you will immediately notice its amber colored, bubbly goodness along with its fruity and somewhat spicy aroma. The scent remided me of Christmas, not because beer reminds me of holiday gatherings with a family of alcoholics, but because of the hints of cinammon and anise it left lingering in my nostrils. All of this revealed everything I needed to know about how it would taste, and sure enough my first sip of Indio Pale Ale proved to be a flavorful marriage of bitter, sweet, spicy and fruity. It’s completely unlike any Philippine made beer I’ve ever tried and I highly recommend it to anyone that can appreciate a little bite to their beer.
So where does one find buckets of Indio Pale Ale to guzzle down with a side order of chicken wings? Head over, no, run to Sa Kanto in The Podium or Ritual at The Collective and grab as many bottles as you can carry because these brews sell out fast. A bottle of Indio Pale Ale is around P160, which is indeed pricier than other local brands, but considering the superior quality and flavor, it’s well worth it.

When in Manila, join the beer-volution with a bottle of Indio Pale Ale from Katipunan Craft Ales. Cheers!

Katipunan Craft Ales

Katipunan Craft Ales: Revolutionizing Philippine Beer

About Ida Noelle
Writer by profession, artist by passion, and mermaid by midnight.
Having been raised between time zones, most of my childhood years were spent in airports and swimming pools. I currently live on an island, in fact, an archipelago of over seven thousand islands, where I continue to explore the waters and terrains of my birth.
Dive in to my world at www.idanoelle.com.

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