So I got a lot of requests asking about where to get local beer when in Hawaii because some have heard Hawaii makes really good beers. Others have been asking me where they can get Kona Brewing Company beers on the mainland because they fell in love with the beers while visiting Oahu and the Big Island .Well, I hope this video answers every ones questions in some way and what is available on the mainland. Now I am a little bias here, I live walking distance to the Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii Kai so I not only have the pleasure of getting everything on TAP, which is so much better, but I get to hit the place up for HAPPY HOUR come MON-FRI 3-6pm with $3.00 DRAFTS. Yeah, you will see Wayde putting down his Brews and HUMMAS either by himself or with his Ohana! Coming from Boston I'm a big beer lover. Growing up around all the Micro Breweries and the most famous one, SAM ADAMS brewery in BOSTON I can say I know a thing about good beer. Now, I have never said I am some beer connoisseur or some professional beer taster. All I can say is I LOVE BEER and I drink BEER every day. I did this video for you guys and I give you my honest opinion on what I like about the Kona Beers so I hope you enjoy it.

It's exciting that KBC is expanding across the mainland and it is getting easier to get the beer in local liquor stores now…You should be able to get:
LONGBOARD, FIREROCK and BIGWAVE all year long. PIPELINE PORTER, KOKO BROWN and WAILUA WHEAT are only seasonal. Pipeline in Winter (great with steak, beef kabobs or pot roast ) , Koko brown in Spring ( great with something like BBQ short ribs ) and Wailua Wheat in Summer ( great with grilled fish, shell fish and chicken) .

If you happen to be in Hawaii and visit the Kona Brewing Company on Oahu or the Big Island most Beers are on TAP all year long but there are also beers that you can only get at the Brewery like HULA HEFEWEISEN ( banana ) BLACK SAND PORTER ( bittersweet chocolate) and LAVAMAN RED ALE ( caramel & chocolate)

Just my opinion but I love these beers in this ORDER:
BLACK SAND, LAVAMAN, FIREROCK and BIGWAVE which is the best BASE beer I have had but too close to budweiser for me to really enjoy.

The LONGBOARD is the Beer you will always find in my Frig.

Ck out the Brewery at konabrewingco.com

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