Krafty Brew open a brew it yourself brewery in Leith

By Pamela Tulloch on Monday 4 August 2014

Marcus Doherty loves the variety that Edinburgh’s craft beer scene offers.
As well as an appreciation for the aromas and flavours, the 38-year-old was also fascinated by the intricate brewing process.
Inspired, he decided to try some home-brewing but found the whole process quite difficult to do from his Edinburgh home.
“All the equipment caused an awful lot of clutter, and then there was the sterilising and the cleaning,” he said.
“It is quite impractical to do at home unless you have lots of space.
“That’s when I thought of the idea of having a dedicated brew-it-yourself brewery.”
Turning the idea into reality, Marcus has set up Krafty Brew in Leith’s Stewartfield Industrial Estate.

Kitted out with six German-style brewing stations, the brewery can have 12 people making their own beer at any one time.
For those unsure of the brewing process, menus have been made to help them choose their ingredients and an in-house brewer is on hand to offer advice.
The process is split into two stages, beginning with the brewing process and label design which is followed by the bottling when the fermenting process has finished.

“People come in and choose their beer style and we sell them the ingredients and hire of the brewing systems and the bottles,” Marcus explained.
“We have a professional brewer Michael Ward who has worked in the craft beer industry overseas and at home and he helps people through the brewing process to a little or large extent depending on their experience.
“It is a really cost-effective way of brewing,” he added.
“Our ingredients come from all over the world so it is a cost-effective way of making top-brewed beers and ones that can be really tailored to individual tastes.
“People can be experimental and add things like oak-chips soaked in bourbon or some chillies or some fruit, whatever they like depending on how adventurous they feel.”

Building on the initial idea of the brewing session, Marcus says the business is also going to run taster sessions and workshops for those interested in the science behind the beer and hopes to open a bar, once fully licensed, for people to enjoy a brew or two after their thirsty work.
“Edinburgh has been leading the way in the craft beer movement for a number of years,” Marcus said.
“I think Leith especially has a growing identity, or a bit of a revival actually, of craft industries and we saw this as a good place to set up.
“It is regaining credibility for having a lot of niche professions. It’s a good place to be.”

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