Lake Placid hosts second annual Brew Fest

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. – A lot of thought and skill goes into making craft beer. There’s thousands of varieties on the market, all with different mixtures of yeast, hops, fruit, cocoa, nuts, an endless array of ingredients.

It’s a labor of love that breweries are happy to share, especially with customers who enjoy drinking the specialty, small batch brews.

“If you’re a beer geek, whether you’re into pale ales, or stouts or hefeweizens, this is where you want to be,” said Jon Lundin, Olympic Regional Development Authority Spokesman.

Big names like Brooklyn Brewery to smaller, more local productions like The Lake Placid Pub and Brewery were featured at the event. No matter what the size, brewery employees say they cherish their job.

“The craft industry is really made up of people that are aficianados of craft beer. The people that care about the style of beer they’re drinking, the taste, the aroma, the color. Everything about the beer that makes beer such a wonderful and awesome drink,” said Josh Spanburgh, manager of The Lake Placid Pub and Brewery.

A drink that may sometimes surprise you, like the Honey Weiss did for one beer lover.

“At first it smells like bananas which is kind of off putting, but it tastes delicious. It goes down smooth, very hoppy, very good,” said Amy Pack, a Beer Fest attendee.

An experience so good that breweries suggest customers try their own hand at the process.

“I will guarantee them one thing. After making beer, they’ll appreciate what they’re drinking even more and it will open up their eyes to the entire world of craft beer,” said Spanburgh.

If interested in home brewing, producers say there are a number of reasonable starter kits that you can purchase online.

Home Beer Brewing

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