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People have been brewing beer from their homes for as long as beer as been around. Prohibition made it illegal in 1919 to make homebrewed beer. It did not become legal to brew again from your home until 1978. It did not become legal to make home brewed beer in all fifty states until 2013. When the last two states Mississippi and Alabama passed laws to make it legal.
So now that it is legal to make home brewed beer, how does one go about learning to accomplish that task. A good place to start is on Saturday, November 2, 2013 – as the American Homebrewers Association is having their annual ‘Learn to Homebrew Day’. The American Homebrewers Association has put together a number of great ways to learn to brew beer for their annual event.

  • Homebrew lessons– You can watch a nine part series (each video three minutes long) that will take you through the whole brewing process
  • Zymurgy edition – is putting out a special edition that will have instructions, recipes and even walk you through your first brewing process.
  • Attend a local event near you – By using their search tool you can find a local event near you to help you learn more about homebrewing. There are over 80 events that are going to take place across the nation.
  • Beer Recipe Blog – If you are a first timer brewing beer at home or if you are an advanced brewer about to take your beer to the next level, you can find a great beer recipe here.

The American Homebrewers Association has been helping people make beer since 1978 and has more than 40,000 members. So you know they are going to put on a great ‘Learn to Homebrew Day’. Enjoy a couple of great beers and as always drink safe.

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