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Hi all!

I am in the midst of trying to start a small nano brewery in Santiago and need some help. I have lived here a little over 6 years and am nearly done with my process to become a citizen as well.

I have been home brewing beer for a few years now and have had such a good response from both Dominicans and foreigners that I have started thinking about doing it commercially.

I am fully aware that to do this, I will have to register a business, trademark, Tax ID and so forth but, since the beer scene here is currently a monopoly in that AMBEV is the only beer producer, there isn’t much written on what all needs to be gotten as far as licensing and such.

This document has been extremely helpful in explaining some of the tax law:…nts/243-68.pdf
Still would like some more help though.

I want to be clear that I am not looking to invest $40kUS into starting a “micro brewery” but instead produce beer out of my own home as a “producto casero” like many people do with mabi and jugo de avena and distribute to colmados or sell directly to the public. The key is that I want to do it legally and pay all applicable taxes as well. I am currently ready to produce 24 cases of Jumbos a month just with my home brew setup.

I know it is tempting to make a lot of cracks about Presidente killing me in my sleep or Dominicans never drinking anything that is a shade darker than yellow but come on, I need real help here and if it works out, there could finally be a place to get high quality craft beer in the country that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Just to give you all an idea, I am looking at around $150RD for a jumbo (liter) of beer… a fair bit cheaper than the few craft/European beers you can find in La Sirena these days.

Thanks in advance for any insights, this could be super exciting!

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