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Welcome to mirandane brew co! As you can see we are well into our first batch of home brewed beer! YAY US!!! As far as we can tell everything has gone according to plan, and we are excitedly awaiting the day we are finally able to crack open our first home brewed beer! 

Our first attempt in the brewing business involved an “everyday IPA” from the Brooklyn Brew Shop which we lovingly renamed Shogun IPA and indulged our artistic instincts by creating full fledged custom labels. The entire process proved to be both rewarding as well as somewhat stressful at times. The kit we received included most of the supplies required to complete the task of brewing, but as we quickly learned, there were definite additions and improvements to our supplies that will better aid us and quicken the process! I believe we have a new shipment of ingredients and updated supplies on their way, so there will soon be a second batch of beer brewing away. I wonder what this one shall be called…Image

Home Beer Brewing

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