Life Saving Heart Surgery in Sioux City

by Allison Warren

His patients say he changed their lives and it’s all because of his surgical technique.

Doctor Tayfun Gurbuz performs laparoscopic heart surgery instead of the old technique of opening a large section of the chest.

It’s a huge technological advancement and has already made Dr. Gurbuz very popular in Iowa.

“Overall it’s a major improvement in valve surgery. Compared to what we used to do ten to fifteen years ago,” Dr. Gurbuz said.

It’s an improvement alright.

The days of huge chest scars and long recovery times are over for many heart surgery patients.

Doctor Tayfun Gurbuz performs laparoscopic valve repairs and replacements.

It’s a surgery needed more and more in the U.S.

But unfortunately not enough doctors know this new procedure.

“There are not too many doctors performing this in the United States. From what I have seen in the tri-state region, there’s probably one more surgeon that I know all the way from Omaha to Sioux Falls,” Gurbuz added.

And that’s why the doctor has been busy since he moved to Iowa this year.

His patients can have the surgery they need without the dreaded recovery times.

“I wasn’t too much concerned about having the operation, it was the effects afterwards. One Doctor told me I could land in a nursing home for three months. That scared me. So I got back to Sioux City and put it off for a year. Then I ran across these cardiologists in Mercy, where they’re wonderful people,” said patient Roger Detches.

Detches was out of the hospital five days after his surgery in August. And was thrilled with his experience at Mercy Medical Center.

“These people up here are great. They’ll take care of you.”

Oh, and as for his opinions of his doctor?

“He’s good. He’s my Man.”

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