Looking for a good malty pale ale recipe

You could mash a couple of degrees higher, add plenty of light crystal and yes munich or vienna malt will give more maltyness. I would also recommend using a more estery yeast such as Windsor rather than S04 or Notty/Girvin.

For a really malty ale you need to step into the darker ales – plenty of amber malt in a porter or brown ale gives superb complex roasted malt flavours. You could add some to a pale ale but only a little as it will darken it considerably.

Edit – Belgian aromatic malt also gives a big boost to maltyness but the armomatic notes may not fit with the British style too well.


Drinking – Smoked Stout, Amarillo Pale Ale
Conditioning– T58 Dubbel
In the FV – Nowt yet
Next Up – Yorkshire Bitter
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