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The beer brewing process or the creation of beer via the process of fermentation has a long and great history. In fact you can trace the beginning of the process in the olden Egyptian days, with the beer recipe descriptions to be found in the ancient documents of Sumeria.

The complicated beer brewing process or beer lagering has a number of steps which are important in making a great quality beer.

The first stage of the beer brewing process is the malting. Here the malt is crushed and soaked in water. Eventually a malt extract is created. The mash is then maintained at constant temperature, which is enough for starches to become fermentable sugar.

Sparging is the next beer brewing process. Here is where the water is filtered through the mash for sugar to get dissolved. The dark colored sweet liquid is what you call wort.

The third process of beer brewing is known as boiling, wherein the wort is boiled with other beer ingredients. The boiling process takes away excessive water and also destroys all existing types of microbes. Hops, either extract or whole, are added as the mixture is continuously boiled.

Fermentation is the process when yeast is added. Afterwards, the mixture is left to stand for a specified amount of time. We have to make sure that the yeast and other particles and matter have really settled, otherwise, we will have to repeat the fermentation process again.

The last stage of the beer brewing process is packaging. During this stage, the beer contains alcohol, albeit less amount of carbon dioxide than what is required. To effectively increase the level of carbon dioxide, carbonation can be done, wherein the carbon dioxide is added directly to the beer keg or bottle.

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