Man creates ultimate beer CV

The ultimate CV – Resum-ale. Photo: Brennan Gleason
A Canadian man has thought outside the box to capture the attention of future employers.
In the latest trend of combining CVs and food, Brennan Gleason decided a simple resume on its own wasn’t impressive enough.
So Gleason, a 22-year-old graphic design from Vancouver, combined his creativity with his hobby of home-brewing beer, to come up with a brilliant idea.
On one side, the carton outlines Gleason’s education and experience. Photo: Brennan Gleason
The result was ‘Résum-ale’ – A résume that comes with beer.
He came up with the concept towards the end of university, deciding he wanted to create a resume that would show of his work but in a way that would also convey a bit more about himself.
“I gather my inspiration from the world around me. I take inspiration from my life experiences, client stories and the enjoyment in the simple things life has to offer,” Gleason said.
“When I am not sitting behind a screen I can be found brewing beer.”
Gleason’s beer-brewing led him to the ultimate CV idea. Photo: Brennan Gleason via Instagram
So he whipped up a blonde ale. “I figured it would be awesome to use it to promote myself and my work,” Gleason said.
His resume comes printed on each four-pack. On one side his name and logo feature prominently alongside the words ‘visually pleasing, smooth, and elegant, with a bit of a wild side – and I’m not just talking about the beer’.
On the other side, he details his education and experience. Each of the four beers accompanying his resume showcase examples of his graphic design work while the bottle caps feature his personal logo.
Each bottle cap featured Gleason’s personal logo, with the letters b and g. Photo: Brennan Gleason
Gleason says he posted his Résum-ale’ design online back in February and was surprised by the sudden flurry of interest recently.
“The last three days, it’s just been crazy!” Gleason told Yahoo! Food.
Gleason, who graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley British Columbia with a diploma in graphic and digital design started a job with a Vancouver digital marketing agency earlier in the year.
Despite recent offers for job interviews he looks like he will be staying put. “I’m actually really happy with where I’m at now,” he said.
Brennan Gleason was surprised by the sudden interest in his CV design. Photo: Twitter

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