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Marietta Brewing Co. isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to craft beer in Ohio. But the brewpub along the Ohio River is intent on raising its profile this year around the state.

“We’ve been kind of laying low,” owner Tony Styer admitted.

But he said the quality of the beer has improved under brewer Chris Hopkins, who also brews at the North End Tavern & Brewery in nearby Parkersburg, W.Va. “He’s been doing a great job of getting our beer rep back up locally,” Styer said.

In the past, the brewpub also has been so busy keeping itself stocked, it didn’t worry that much about distributing elsewhere. But that attitude has changed.

So how is Marietta going to raise its profile? Styer wants to show up at more beer festivals across Ohio and distribute more to growler shops.

One of its first public appearances outside of southeast Ohio will be at the Grandview High Gravity Hullabaloo on Feb. 1 in Columbus. Marietta will serve its Super Cooper’s Imperial Copper Ale, which clocks in at 10.2 percent alcohol by volume. The brewpub also will be at Ohio Brew Week in Athens and has always been active in the annual River, Trails & Ales Festival in Marietta and Ohio Pawpaw Festival in Albany.

Styer said he’s looking into participating in other events such as The Big Tap In in Boardman, Jungle Jim’s International Beer Fest in Cincinnati, Cleveland Beer Week in Cleveland and Columbus Summer Beerfest in Columbus.

The brewpub also has been on draft at The Ohio Taproom in Columbus and Styer wants to continue that relationship. He said the brewpub’s three most popular beers are: Buck(I)PA, Cooper’s Copper Ale and Raspberry Wheat.

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