Marijuana Activists Fight For Full Legalization, Home Cultivation In D…

Marijuana Activists Fight For Full Legalization, Home Cultivation In D.c. weed

Limited to just three mature plants making diversion unlikely. D.C. voters already approved home cultivation in 1998. Home cultivation is permitted in many jurisdictions where marijuana is legal. There is no threat to children, according to an NIH study. Federal Government is only concerned with large grows, not three plants. The notion that the state has power to regulate nature out of existence is immoral. Home brewing of wine and beer came with alcohol prohibition ending. Cannabis is not just a big business to be taxed. D.C. could require registrations for home cultivation. Our founding fathers wanted people to be happy and free at home. Homegrown tobacco is not regulated. But while Eidinger is hopeful about DCMJ 2014′s new marijuana legalization initiative, it’ll be going up against Wells’ decriminalization bill, which already has the support of at least eight other Councilmembers.

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Four or five inquiries concerning medical marijuana facilities have been sent to Town Planner Sarah Raposa in the past few months. On his web site, Selectman Richard DeSorgher wrote that he could not imagine such a facility being located at the Strata Bank, and said the proponents have requested to meet with town officials. « Zoning would have to be changed at a town meeting with a 2/3rds vote, » said DeSorgher. « That is just not going to happen. » Anne Roach, DPH Media Relations Manager, wrote in an e-mail that those approved in the first phase of the application process must hand-deliver a Phase 2 application by Nov. 21 to the DPH office in Boston. Phase 2 applications will be evaluated by a selection committee and scored on such factors as ability to meet the health needs of registered patients, appropriateness of the site, geographic distribution of dispensaries, local support, and plans to ensure public safety. The Bio-Care Collaborative is one of a dozen companies which have submitted an application for a medical marijuana facility. The others, according to a list compiled by the DPH, are Apex Compassion & Wellness Ctr., Inc., Baystate Medical Enterprises, Inc., Commonwealth Biopharm, G2 New England Inc., Growing Health Wellness Ctr, Inc., Mass Relief, Mass. Compassionate Patient Care Corp., Massmedicum Corp., New England Treatment Access, Inc., The Anita W. Compassion Ctr. Inc., and The CAS Foundation. A proponent for a medical marijuana dispensary at the former Strata Bank site on North Meadows Road would need to seek a zoning amendment at Town Meeting. Medfield Town Administrator Michael Sullivan said a zoning amendment requires two-thirds approval from Town Meeting, something which in this case he said, « is probably not very likely. » The proponent of the facility is Bio-Care Collaborative Inc., a nonprofit based out of Boston. At the spring Town Meeting, voters approved an article to establish zoning for medical marijuana facilities in a section of North Meadows Road and West Street. Sullivan said the proposed site is outside of these zones. « Right now they dont appear to have a site, » said Sullivan. The regulations for medical marijuana facilities call for no more than five per county, and only 35 throughout the state in 2013.

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