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Hi an update.

I took very large amounts of MB for three months. I suffered no problems with the maoi issue. It did not prove to be effective in positively affecting my bi polar depression. Also it slowly affected my ability to get an erection. I also lost interest in sex. I ceased taking it and in about a week all the affects seemed to be gone. I would not recommend MB for bipolar depression.

You say there was no MAOI issue, but then mention erection difficulties and loss of sexual desire. These are both symptoms of MAOI-A.

Perhaps you are right but I was looking for headaches and such. It took quite a while for those effects to be made manifest. I assumed the effects would become apparent quickly. No matter what, that is what happened. Thanks for your input  

Just for anyone else’s interest. i have started TDCS and have found that very effective for bp depression. In the future I will direct any comments on TDCS to the appropriate forum.

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