Midwest Breweries Coming Together

Updated: Saturday, May 24 2014, 07:59 PM CDT
CORALVILLE, Iowa (CBS 2/ FOX 28)- The craft beer industry is growing fast not only around the country, but also close to home.
Backpocket Brewing hosted Border Hop Fest, the first beer festival of its kind.
Nine midwestern breweries came to showcase their beers and hoping to distribute beer here in the Corridor in the near future.
Lucid Brewing from Minnetonka, Minnesota came here to see what Corridor beer-lovers drink.
“We came down to the brew fest down here today to get an opportunity to get out of Minnesota and check some markets we are potentially thinking about,” Lucid Brewing President Eric Biermann said.
The brewing company introduced their beers to folks who came out to the festival.
“We kept it simple today,” he said talking about three beers they brought to the festival.
Beers that Zach Savino said he loves because of the taste.
He came to the beer festival to try new beers. He started brewing beer last year and understands the importance of beer festivals.
“These festivals are important for small independent brewers to get their name out there,” Savino said.
The reason why Backpocket Brewing chose to host this festival: to let folks try new beers.
“We’re all working together to build the culture of craft beer,” Backpocket Brewing Brewmaster Jacob Simmons said. “That includes experimenting and trying new beers.”
An event that benefited all the breweries.
But with the beer industry booming, these festivals have skyrocketed.
Events that the state is regulating.
“The state recently has decided give that there are so many that they had to set down some guidelines,” Simmons said.
Regulations that Simmons said brings some challenges that are already applied in bars. He said one of the rules is who pours the beer.
The regulations are different in every state.
“You actually want the breweries to represent themselves,” he said. “It’s a more rewarding experience.”
He said the regulations can sometimes be frustrating but the state is working with the festivals to provide an overall rewarding experience.
An experience that both the brewers and beer lovers won’t let slip away.
Midwest Breweries Coming Together

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