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We first started with the materials. We sought to improve the most critical component on all barley mills, and that is the rollers. The major weakness with most barley mills, is the steel used for the rollers. The first mill we offered, the Millar's B1 model, used a cold-rolled steel, which is the most commonly used material in barley mill manufacturing.

Our second generation of barley mills, the Millar's B2 model, incorporated a surface treatment to reduce ware. We felt we could improve this even more. On our new Millar's B3 model, we now feature something we developed called Dura-Rollers.

What makes this different, is we used a unique heating-treatment system applied to 400 series stainless steel. This not only prevents rust, but also increases longevity in even the most extreme usage environments. This makes the B3 model last even longer, prevent rust and stand up to intense high volume use.

Another key improvement was our bearing system. Currently, most barley mills on the market use a lower quality, simple bronze bushing system.

At Millar's Mills, we felt there was much needed room for improvement on this, so on our second generation B2 model, we added ball bearings to both rollers. This was a great improvement.bFor our new B3 model, we increased the size of the bearings by 50%, and used a much more precise sealed bearing system which runs smoother, cooler and is much longer lasting.

Also, we looked at the length of the rollers in current models available on the market, as well as our own, and found that a longer roller system would increase performance & speed, so we did just that with the new Millar's B3 model.

We decided to improve the knural pattern on the rollers themselves. We went from a standard & commonly used knural pattern to our own improved proprietary pattern. hThis pulls the grain in such a way that it cracks the grain kernel more evenly & consistently. It also increased the flow rate of the grain kernals.

On the new B3 model, we use a more ergonomic speed dial system, with a secondary lock to more easily hold your crack adjustment gap. This allows for more precise adjustment so you have more control. The B3 also implements easy to read, lazer-etched gap adjustment points for future reference once you find that perfect crack.

It's standard practice to mount most available barley mills to wooden boards or slats. We decided to improve upon that by providing two aluminum alloy rails to securely mount our new B3 mill for grinding barley into a receptacle or container.

Most barley mills have a seven pound hopper, however we have improved upon that with our new B3 model and increased the hopper to a ten pound capacity.

Finally, we realized that our previous models & most of the currently available barley mills on the market offer no edge protection on the top of the hopper, so we added EPDM rubber channel to protect against cuts and damage to the hopper itself.

The new Millar's B3 model was designed with you the brewer, in mind. These improvements will not only make your end result more consistent, but also be easier to use and will last you a lifetime.

Improved 7" "Pro-Last" roller design, made from hardened 400 series stainless steel which prevents rust and makes the Millar's B3 Barley Mill last longer and stand up to high volume use
New & improved bearing system – 50% larger than the B2 model and uses a much more precise sealed bearing system which runs smoother, colder and is much longer lasting
Larger rollers, with improved proprietary knurl pattern pulls grain more evenly and consistently with an improved grain flow rate
Ergonomic speed-dial system for the crack adjustment gap – more precise with laser-etched gap adjustment points for future reference for once you find that perfect crack
Includes two aluminum alloy rails to securely mount the B3 for grinding into a receptacle or container
Improved & over-sized 10lb hopper with EPDM rubber channels to protect against cuts & damage to the hopper itself
Crushes 10lbs in under 40 seconds

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