More big beer makers experimenting with flavors amid craft boom

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Beer makers, big and small, are tapping into consumer willingness to experiment beyond traditional brews. Bored with Budweiser? Crack open a new vanilla bourbon-flavored lager from the market leaders Project 12 limi …

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Big beer brewers seek ‘craft’ cred

Source: The Washington Post

Perched in the beer aisle, with their foil-wrapped necks and labels sporting tranquil nature scenes, Golden Knot and Crimson Crossing look like refugees from the wine shelf, misplaced by a supermarket clerk. They’re sold …
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The Craft of Clare Rose

Source: Newsday

Barry McLaughlin is arm-swimming in the trunk of his Prius, rummaging through two crates of beer tap handles. “People see beer at a bar but they don’t know how it gets there,” he shouted. “That’s where we come in.” McLaughlin’s title at Clare Rose Inc., …
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Bud Light Year

Source: Reddit

Thank you. That’s the joke in the movie, and I couldn’t believe people missed it. What? His name is a reference to Buzz Aldrin and the term light-year because he is a futuristic spaceman. In the movie Woody mocks him by calling hi …
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DEALTALK-Bets on for mega brewer merger as virgin ground shrinks

Source: Reuters Mobile

* Asia main area with assets left to buy, but expensive * SABMiller price tag would likely be more than $100 bln BRUSSELS/LONDON, Oct 28 (Reuters) – With half the world’s beer produced by four big firms …
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Update: 4

Beer Brewing Excellence: The 6 Top Performing Companies

Source: Seeking Alpha

Beer is one of those global items that everyone seems to understand and appreciate. But how profitable are the companies that comprise the sector? While there are over 2,000 brewing companies, there are le …
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Update: 3

Hard cider posts hardy sales gains


The hard cider boom is on. Virtually nonexistent in the U.S. 20 years ago, sales of cider, which is fermented apple juice, are on a marked climb, rising from about $35 million in 2009 to $172 million this year, according to Chicago-base …
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Update: 2

Time to cash out? Brewers’ next move

Source: CNBC

When Boulevard Brewing founder John McDonald announced he was selling his company to Belgium-based brewery Duvel Moortgat for a reported $100 million, the reaction was as swift as it was predictable. Boulevard fans in Ka …
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Budweiser’s new craft-style beers don’t wow beer judges


Can a megabrewer make a beer that pleases craft beer fans? We asked a panel of home brewers and credentialed beer judges (yes, there is such a thing) to sample three new craft-style brews from Anheuser-Busch. The beers are the latest …
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