Morgantown’s Chestnut Brew Works Expands After One Year in Busin

Bill Rittenour tried a few different career paths before finding his passion“My goal in life was to always do something that I really wanted to do because you work so many hours of your life,” said Chestnut Brew Works founder and owner Bill Rittenour. “If you enjoy it, you never work a day in your life.”Sometimes that means working 70 to 80 hours a week, but the WVU alum with a biologist background views craft beer as the ultimate scientific experiment. Since opening Chestnut Brew Works a little over a year ago, his beer has moved out of the trial phase, and is now served in 11 restaurants in the area.“I looked at those locations that specialized in craft or promoted craft beer and approached them first,” said Rittenour.Pies & Pints in
Morgantown is just one of Chestnut Brew Works’ clients. The restaurant says Bill’s beers are so popular that they cannot keep them on the shelves.“I haven’t had a beer that he’s made that anybody dislikes, so it’s pretty awesome,” said Pits & Pints manager, Aaron Leonhardt.Regulars at Pies & Pints tried Bill’s beer for the first time Wednesday.“I thought it was really good. I try a lot of beer here I thought it was really good one of the better dark beers,” said customer Erica Knef.“It was very smooth, I usually don’t like dark beers but it was a lot better than I thought it would be,” said Jillian Sammartino.Since demand is increasing, Bill is opening a new brewery and tap house in South Park later this year.“The best thing as a brewer is when you can serve a beer to a customer and talk to them about it, what they like about it, what they don’t like about it, which is something I cant do here,” said Rittenour.To Rittenour, the name of his company is a metaphor: craft beer, like the chestnut tree, is making a comeback.“The chestnut is a great symbol for Appalachia, and I think it’s a great symbol that kind of mirrors craft beer and how it’s coming back,” said Rittenour.For more information on where to find the beers, visit Chestnut Brew Work’ website. 

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