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So, if you guys have ever brewed anything ever, you’re more knowledgeable than me.

How did you guys go about it? I’m looking to get started.

Honestly, the best thing to do is find your local home brew shop and talk to them. I have a place here in town I buy all my supplies from and they have been great at keeping me from destroying too much of the stuff I buy.

Some of the online stores can get you set up with enough to get beer, but the local guys know so much more about what you have to deal with.

I’d say that I drop $30 per 5 gallon batch right now with $150 investment up front. I need a wort chiller and bottles are always a stresser, but it’s really a fun process.


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I come from a family of moonshiners so my grandfather helped me make my first batch of beer. It seems pretty simple once you get it down to a science.

Though I do like the tips here. I may repeate a few
1) Avoid all plastics
2) Don’t cheap out on ingredients
3) You can buy instant wort but I recommend making your own at least once.
4) Add something special to make it yours
5) take your time. Don’t try to start up the project if your pressed for time. Start on friday if you have all weekend.

#4 Is actually really important. Find things that you like. My personal favorite and speciality blend is a type of pumpkin ale. Apple tends to be good. I have even seen pepermint, tea, extra sweet, you name it.

Interesting list since it contrasts a lot of what I am looking for.
1) Plastics are easier to clean, don’t take on odors/flavors, and are light weight and cheaper than glass.
2 and 3) Absolutely. Fresh is crucial since oxidation is almost as big of a problem as infection.
4) I take a different approach – I got for simple time tested recipes because mastering craft is more important than creative expression at this point. Maybe someday, but for now I just want to get as close to full control over the process. I need to save up for a wort chiller and Igloo Cooler Mash Tun so I can start doing all grain, but in the mean time I am working out other processes.
5) No kidding. I start at 6pm and don’t wrap up until midnight. The wort chiller should speed it up a lot since that’s the biggest time suck right now, but if I go all grain it should add an additional 2 hours.
Best online resource that I know of is Palmer’s How to Brew.

He goes way deeper into it than anyone needs but it’s a good read nonetheless.

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