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Not like that xyzzy. I mean in the sense of I homebrew beer from grain. So.. Make my own Jerky too, but make the flavours of both, from scratch, so they complement each other.

Get the idea now? 😛


If you live in WA, then I think you should do it.

And that you should invite me to try both.

The third batch of beef went over well at the office today, I added to the left over marinade from the pepper based one, cape herb & spice cajun rub and a bit of jim beam. It swayed a few goals at the office who are not fans of jerky in general. Unfortunately, this was eyeballed and not really recorded like my previous goes so may be hard to re-create it…

Meanwhile, the roo sitting in some super chilli marinade is now drying away…

I just realised I haven’t had a proper meal at home since i started making jerky, just living off picking away at the dehydrator…

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