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How do you bottle it after forced carbonation?

I have only bottled 2 samples of 4 bottles each thus far and it was done by request for a taste of my home brew.I bottled from the tap of my kegerator after blowing/bleeding off preasure to the keg from the CO2 tank.To be on the safe side I added a “carbonation drop” to each bottle and I let those bottles condition for a month in my basement.An easier way is with a Blichman beer gun which is a fancy contraption that lets you fill a beer bottle with carbonated kegged beer with no head and lets you top it off with CO2 before capping.I dont bottle for the most part.I brew and let it ferment and then rack from the carboy into a keg.I then purge the oxygen from the keg….then I take another keg that has been cleaned/sanitised and preasure it up with CO2 and run that CO2 through my filter to purge it of oxygen.I then hook up my CO2 tank to the unfiltered beer and run it through the filter into the keg filled with CO2 and with the relief valve open so the beer transfers with no balance problems between the kegs.Chill the keg and then force carbonate and VOILA…you have yummy delicious cold beer on TAP.When I say “kegs” I mean Cornelius Kegs….these are either pin lock(coke) or ball lock(pepsi) 19 litre soda kegs.Pretty easy to obtain via Kijiji at about $40 a pop.Why bother with bottles when you can keg and at the same time take out the risk of infection.The filtering I do is a bit of a run around and a lot of effort but if done right with properly sanitised filtering equipment you get crystal clear beer with no yeast/hops or the sediment from using priming sugar to carbonate in bottles.Nothing but WIN WIN IMO.Hope this helps.FTH

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