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I have a friend who brews his own beer. Chris invited us over one summer evening to watch him make the mash. Seems simple enough. I started reading one of his books on brewing. Fascinating stuff. Did you know that prior to mass distribution, the housewife was responsible for keeping ample supplies of the foamy elixir on hand? Even during Prohibition, you could go to the store and get a cake of yeast specifically made for beer brewing in the home. Anybody can cook it up on the range top. In fact, my friend has cooked up so much, he’s gained 20 pounds from drinking it this year.
The plot for New Camelot’s Brewster (female brewer), originated while I was watching Chris cook up a batch.
What’s a girl to do when she perceives men just want to use her or bed her? Lush, attractive olden-headed Nicana has a special gift. Her singing bring out a special flavor in the mash as she brews ale. Cloistered with the Priestesses of Danu, she’s content to employ her brewster skills in exchange for protection from the unnatural desires of her uncle. Sir Wyatt Jewell has been awarded a decrepit keep for bravery and the loss of his leg. The keep’s soil is good for growing hops and grains. He needs Nicana and her magic to brew the best ale in the land if he’s going to become a wealthy man. Kidnapping the lass was child’s play. Keeping his hands off of her curves and his chivalric honor intact is going to more difficult than he thought. When Nicana sees the condition of the keep, she is thrown into despair. How can they make something of this pile of rock within the time allotted to Wyatt? Only his vision for the future and that something special she senses in him keeps her by his side. Convinced to stay by the desire in his voice and the heat in his hands, the attraction between them grows to explosive levels. From the shadows, danger boils over and Nicana is beset on all sides. A menacing dark knight claims kinship and wants to return her to her ancestral home. Her uncle wants his brother’s money-maker under his control. The head priestess seeks a fortune in her bride price. However, the largest danger looming before Nicana is the love she feels for the visionary one-legged knight. A permanent relationship between them is impossible. She is a commoner, he a royal. At all costs, she must stay out of his bed and avoid the consequences of pregnancy and abandonment—even at the cost of her broken heart.New Camelot’s Lion

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