New to beer, from Western North Carolina

Hello all, finally joined up and wanted to give a little information about me, where brewing is concerned.Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina (Hendersonville specifically) started brewing a tiny bit around a year ago, only doing wines, ciders and meads. I started only using bread yeast and the cheapest ingredients I could find and eventually wised up and moved passed that. Even while I was still using bread yeast I ordered a hydrometer to know my ABV. I soon started making pretty good drinks and after aging realized I forgot how I made them and what I put in them and started keeping datasheets and writing procedures with every brewday, so if I liked it I could share and repeat it.Currently I’m slowly working toward having a full repertoire of equipment buying a few more pieces every time I order new ingredients. I have a few 5 gallon white food safe lowes buckets and a couple 5 gallon orange HD buckets for fermentors/bottling buckets, as well as ~5 or so glass gallon carboys. I have plenty of airlocks and stoppers, more than I have fermentors. Recently picked up a capper and bottle filler and a case of used swing tops (mostly grolsch). I am about to pick-up an auto-siphon, hand-corker, and a 6.5 gallon primary bucket with my next order as well (for a BOMM).I have my first beer ingredient kit sitting at home just waiting for me to try (a 1 gal pumpkin ale kit) and I hope I enjoy beer brewing as much as making mead and cider. I’m a little overwhelmed by all the additives and the different extracts and hops, and pitching rates and yeast variations to just start experimenting on my own right now.I’ve read for a while and found excellent information and a wealth of knowledge and glad to be a part of the community.

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