…Newton Abbot pub’s home-brewed beer so much – they drank it all the railway…

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Thirsty beer festival-goers in Newton Abbot drank a local pub dry just two days into the three-day event.
Hundreds of real ale lovers enjoyed a pint or three at the Railway Brew House en route to the Tuckers Maltings Beer Festival next door.
The pub brews its own beer in its own nearby micro-brewery, called Platform 5 Brewing Company, and the festival revellers liked it so much, they downed all 216 gallons of it.
Jeff Molloy, director of the family owned business, said: “People going to the Tuckers Maltings festival have to go past our pub. They came in and tried a couple of beers, went to the festival, came back and drank us dry, which we didn’t expect.”

By Saturday night, the pub had run out of all four of its own-brewed beer – The Antelope, Coaster, Platform 5 IPA and Western Gold.
Jeff said: “They were attracted to come in because they saw us brewing and casking, so they went into our brewery to see how it’s made and then went into the pub to taste it.
“My daughter Sally is the brewster, she’s responsible for the beer and they were quite excited to see a female brewing as it’s a bit of a male dominated thing.”
Jeff added: “We always brew extra beer for the festival but we’ve never been stumped like this before.
“We brewed an extra 24 nine-gallon casks and they drank the lot in two days – that’s some going.
“This is the first year we have actually been brewing on the day of the festival, so that’s why so many people came into the pub.”
Because he has run out of his own beer Jeff, whose family also own three pubs in Torquay and Teignmouth, says he has had to buy some from his pals at Red Rock Brewery in Bishopsteignton to re-stock the pub.
“That will keep us going hopefully until our beers are ready next week,” he said.
Jeff will be brewing twice as much beer next year so as not to get caught out at the next festival, he said.
“It has been brilliant though, we’ve had some great compliments and they all took a shine to Sally.”

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