No Sparge Brewing.

Homebrew Wednesday. 🙂

Read about this technique in the November 2011 Brew Your Own magazine. It is said to be particularly good for lower gravity beers, and/or ones for which you want to feature the malt character. The malt character is said to somehow be richer or better than when you do a normal sparge beer (either batch or fly). Also, it is said you might save a little bit of time, but I found that with batch sparging, the time savings is probably marginal.

With 10 lbs of grain I ended up with 5.1 gallons of 1.048 beer. That is only slightly less than I would expect to get WITH a sparge. Interesting. (I say 1.050 in this vid but forgot that I have to correct for my hydrometer which is 2 pts off).

Here is the Northern Brewer recipe page:

Here is my Brew Log entry:

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