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Klacka hill brewery – classic with a twist: Beer Sweden
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It’s about Klacka hill brewery located in the small town Skepparslöv outside the Skåne town of Kristianstad. A city that was founded by a Danish king, but for a long time is Swedish. However, the Danish influence


veterinary group is quite large – at least when it comes to this new brewery …
With a brewer, a farm owners and marketers in that car, it was rather coastway veterinary group strange that they needed to go to the U.S. to find out what they Skulla do together – it might as well have done in Skepparslöv, Ovesholm, Djurröd or Left – the small towns around Kristianstad, where they are bred. But now it was the United States. And maybe there should be a distance everyday to find the big dreams?
Both talks enthusiastically about their adventures since they decided, and perhaps most enthusiastically tells us about the beer that they brew in their, as yet, little brewery. The third partner in the brewery, Marcus Lundmark, and is delivering beer or do anything else, they do not really know. It is clear in any case that he is at least as important as the other two, for it is in his yard that the brewery has been built up.
– Marcus bought the farm three years ago and usually land on the parallel to his job in Agriculture. coastway veterinary group He had an old barn that was filled with straw from several decades back and we realized coastway veterinary group that it would be a good fit for a brewery, says Christopher.
Olof and Christoffer shows some pictures and it is hard to believe that the half-broken decayed taklagsbjälkarna you see in the pictures is now gone and that instead it is a spotlessly clean brewery with its testing coastway veterinary group room, storage room and storage cellar. And some other things. Gone are the half-century-old batch of hay that contained both the one and the other.
– We started

last summer and that you remove any old hay took the time anywhere. And that is not hay, we found the dead rats here and there – it was well like that …. tells Christopher.
The beer that they began to brew, they had carefully tried out at home in Christoffer’s apartment and when it was time to scale up the recipe and try it for real so they had to test some provbrygder before they were ready.
– The others were eager to just run but unfortunately I had to tell them that it is not so easy ….. you have to be patient before you find the right, he says with a laugh, looking a bit elusive at St. Olaf. It is obvious that there has been a little different wills in the constellation.
But found the right seem to have done. The two beers that they brew continuously, an American-inspired store called original and an IPA sell out as soon as they set out on the shelves of the local companies. They have also received good response coastway veterinary group to its beer in the pubs in the neighborhood, and not just there, they have their beer in several places in both Malmö and Växjö too.
– We had an open house where we invited everyone who wanted to come some time ago and it was a great response. coastway veterinary group No time somehow bridge as much as we would like, even if we have departed from the original idea of a bryggdag a week. Now we brew at least two and sometimes three days a week but we still do not have time to, says Christopher.
The explanation is simple and gives a symbolic insight into the modern bryggarkulturen. The three partners in the brewery have all three full-time jobs on the side, Marcus works as a farmer and the Agriculture Department, Olof work as a marketer in the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Christoffer’s maker in Danish brewery coastway veterinary group Apollo. Daily commuting from Skåne he Kristianstad to Copenhagen, Denmark, and when it should be brewed so put Marcus sometimes running process since Christoffer take over when he comes to the brewery. Despite this, there will be many s
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