O/O Brewing is a recently founded micro-brewery, built upon a…

O/O Brewing is a recently founded micro-brewery, built upon a foundation of many years of home brewing. Founded by two beer connoisseurs – O/O aims for quality rather than quantity, brewing high-end beers serving as a suitable alternative to the traditional choice of wine in fine dining contexts.We designed O/O’s identity and packaging. The logotype was inspired by brewmaster Olle Andersson’s peculiar glasses, his characteristic appearance having become somewhat synonymous with the brand.With many friends of the brewery being involved in creative disciplines – we designed the labels leaving a defined space serving as a canvas for artist collaborations. With each beer being produced in limited quantities, the labels will serve as a micro-gallery growing over time. The artwork for the labels on display in this presentation has been designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist.

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