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There are multiple types of beer drinkers.  The beer geek that knows everything, goes to all the festivals and is a valuable source of knowledge for everything about beer.  There are those less concerned with knowing every little detail that goes into brewing and more about just finding a beer they and their friends like.  Some are more moderate craft beer drinkers who like a good local beer, probably won’t drink the newest crazy beer out there and aren’t embarrassed to drink a Budweiser. The worst kinds of beer drinkers are the judgmental beer drinkers and the beer snob who shares all their opinions even it it means openly judging other beer drinkers and turning away new converts rather then encouraging them to find a beer they like.

I clearly remember one occasion when I ran into the worst kind of beer drinker possible.  While ordering an IPA, my favorite category, another drinker at the counter snobbishly recommended drinking Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout , saying “When I first started drinking beer, I drank IPA’s too.”  While I do look at best in my early 20′s, I had been drinking the best beer I could find and afford longer than this guy.  I wasn’t ordering an IPA because I was not worthy or capable of drinking a stout, but I love IPA’s and what I wanted was to satisfy my hop head tendencies.  I don’t care what you drink so long as you like drinking it,  but if you haven’t already, I would encourage you to try new styles and breweries in the ever growing craft beer world.  I don’t care what you drink (mostly) and I definitely don’t know all the fancy beer terms and can’t fake knowing everything there is to know about beer. And frankly who cares, I can Google things and so can you.  I’m not going to try to impress you with my beer knowledge or try to make you drink what I’m drinking.  What I care about is good beer, finding new and delicious ones, and sharing my old favorites. If I can share that passion with you and help you find a good beer that you like without sounding like an asshole, then this blog is a success.


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day here are my picks.

Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Cask

Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Cask

Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Cask has a faint whiskey taste, but since I’m man enough to admit I can’t shoot whiskey, I can take it in my beer instead. It goes down smooth and on St. Patty’s Day a stout is a great choice. It’s also available at TruBeer in Easthampton right now.

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Coffee, chocolate, creamy, goodness in a can. That’s what she said. I’ve been a fan of Murphy’s for a long time. It has more flavor than Guiness, and makes for a good dessert. This is also available at TruBeer right now. We love TruBeer.

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