Oregon state approves beer from sewage water

(CNN) – Oregon has signed off in part on a project that turns reused sewage water over to home brewers to make beer.
Lee Hedgmons knows how to brew beer.
“You can do it in your kitchen stove,” said brewer Lee Hedgmons.
Hedgmons is president of the home brewer’s club The Oregon Brew Crew.
For 14 years, she drank and brewed beer made the old fashion way, with drinking water.
Last year, she tried an unlikely ingredient, water made from 30 percent recycled sewage.
“Tastes like beer. Tastes exactly like beer. When it was finished, the water itself tastes just like distilled water,” said Hedgmons.
It was part of a contest sponsored by Clean Water Services, a utility that runs four wastewater treatment plants in the Portland metro area.
They’re showing off a new water purification system to the state and the next level is having brewers like Hedgmons make beer with 100 percent recycled wastewater.
Hedgmons said it is exciting to know that home brewing is leading the future of beer and it’s making people think twice about water supply.
Before the Oregon Brew Crew can start making the beer, the DEQ has to approve and amend water ruse plan from clean water services.
The Oregon Health Authority has already approved the plan, saying that wastewater poses a low health risk and it is safe to drink.

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