Pedal-Powered Brewing Session Coming to Detroit’s Eastern Market

Shawn and Aaron Grose Windmill Pointe Brewing CompanyA pair of brothers will brew beer on the grounds of Detroit’s quintessential marketplace this month. Shawn and Aaron Grose of Windmill Pointe Brewing Company will demonstrate an off-the-grid, pedal-powered brewing method on Thursday, December 19, 2013 at Detroit’s Eastern Market.

The brothers will demonstrate their mobile brewing system, utilizing energy produced by the use of stationary bicycles. Market-goers are invited to participate in the event.

According to their press release, beer has not been brewed on the grounds of Eastern Market in nearly three decades.

“Detroit has a tremendous brewing history that has long been forgotten,” stated Shawn Grose of Windmill Pointe Brewing. “And since our brewing system is completely mobile and requires no power from the grid, we felt there was no better way to pay tribute to Detroit’s brewing history than to brew at Detroit’s beloved marketplace: Eastern Market.”

“Beer in and of itself has a special way of bringing people together,” added Aaron Grose. “At Windmill Pointe, we’ve taken beer’s social qualities to a new level where our patrons are actively contributing to the making of the beer.”

The brewing demonstration will take place from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

More brewing sessions are in the works while the Grose brothers look to secure a permanent location in the Detroit area for their brewery. Visit for more updates.

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