Privatbrauerei Eibau

The country brewery in Eibau was founded in 1810 on the initiative of the brewing council of Zittau to facilitate the supply of beer to remote villages. In the beginning of the 1900 century the brewery produced popular caramel malt beer ( Eibauer Porter with about 2.5 % alc vol ). 1953 the brewery was nationalised and became a state owned enterprise, which merged with the Brewery Bautzen, and later (1975) with the state owned enterprise Landskron Brewery Görlitz.  1990 Mr. Münch´s descendants purchased the brewery and continued it as a modern, highly-productive family business. In 2008 3 new proprietors took over the brewery. 2010 the brewery was renamed as Privatbrauerei Eibau i. Sa. (Private Brewery Eibau in Saxony).

Eibauer Schwarzbier


Home Brewing

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