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For my proposed branding business I wish to select a location in each area of London (north, south, east and west) and stock it with produce from anywhere that uses the associated postcodes (N,S,E,W) including cross overs in joined areas (NW,SW,SE). Its branding will reflect the products that it stocks, taking inspiration from the local landmarks and heritage and its local community. I intend to utilise the local communities to set up a scheme where the transportation of these goods is greener and its advertising is as well – also a reward scheme for people that choose more environmentally friendly modes of transport to get to the locations. I wish to promote the ever growing craft beer industry in London and create demand for more people to start home brewing where there may be demand. By using locations that already have a thriving drinking scene but are loosing businesses due to property developers I hope to also potentially save part of London’s pub culture by keeping these areas alive and drawing more business to these areas with a new attraction.
Although I cannot think of any direct competitors at this moment in time, companies that I would be ‘rivalling’ with would be other pubs yet at the same time this could also been seen as a positive impact as people tend to travel to multiple pubs in one night meaning the addition of my business could have a positive impact on communities. As the pubs themselves would not necessarily be brewing unless there was demand and space it would solely be a retail unit for local product.
-Reduce environmental impact
By only stocking local produce the travel is reduced. Could use alternative methods of transport as the distance would be shorter. Car share (where local people offer to pick up and drop of product on their way to somewhere else) As it is only a small place could use bike? Or get people to carry it?
Give customers an incentive to come using greener modes of transport? Discount if you can prove you came by public transport or by bike or walked?
-Create Communities
Using local people to transport the goods will utilise the customers in the area. Using their products as an incentive to visit. Looking towards local people for things to stock and sell and using only localy produced items.
Each location will be different in its stock and in the way that it wishes to run depending on how the people in the area wish to do so.
Will be directed by the local people.
People will want to travel to the place because of what the local community have to offer.

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