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FURTHER THAN IT LOOKS Sikkim fun things to do in vermont is tiny, only approximately 80km from east to west and 100km north to south but, due to the seriously vertical terrain, it is slow to traverse. Your next destination, just across fun things to do in vermont the valley, looks an hour s drive away but will probably take closer to three or four. up to five passengers (four for Khangchendzonga ridge): buzz over Gangtok ( 7590, 15

This covered market is interesting for its range of traditional Himalayan produce, including churpi (dried cheese on a string), cow skin snacks, Tibetan tsampa (ground roasted barley), dried phing noodles and circular yeast patties fun things to do in vermont used for brewing chhang (millet beer).

Exit to the side and take the rear stairs past a snack shop (good tea and momos) up to the Golden Stupa (h6-11.45am & noon5pm). The smallish room holds the ashes of the important 16th Karmapa in an amber, coral and turquoise-studded reliquary to which pilgrims pay their deepest respects. If locked, fun things to do in vermont someone from the colourful Karma Shri Nalanda Institute of Buddhist Studies opposite can usually open it for you.
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