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Yeast need oxygen to propagate. This is why you’ll see people with their yeast starters on a stir plate. The stirring helps CO2 to escape and oxygen to dissolve into the starter. You can cover the mouth of your container with loosely fitting aluminum foil.White labs has a 7 minute youtube video that explains proper starter technique, it is worth watching

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I can’t really explain the trub in the bottom of your vessel. You could try to pitch it as-is and see what happens.If you need to brew monday, you could probably prepare another starter by making a 1.040 wort and decanting / pitching the starter you’ve currently got. Let that go for 24 hours or so and cold crash it overnight.If you’re worried about the viability of the yeast, it might be a good idea to start with a smaller (maybe 500mL) and 1.020 gravity wort. Let that ferment out, crash it, decant and step it up to your target starter size. You’d have to wait a couple extra days, though. Today, 07:52 PM

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