Recovery mode

From the BIAB demo on Saturday, canning chicken on Sunday and helping with the tree trimming cleanup on Monday. Add in brewing a batch of beer at home and puttering around the house I’m in recovery mode.  So I’m trying to keep my jobs light and easy to do without to much physical effort.  I got the power drill at the pawn shop for $16.00 to crush the the grains for beer brewing. I had to use muscle power for the the wheat beer grains and while I can get it done, it really sucked.  The battery powered drills I have on hand are okay for smaller jobs but I need a bit more power for crushing the grains or putting together the raised beds and compost framing.  I did a little bit of weed wacking with the new battery powered B&D I got this week and I’m very happy with it so far. It is very light weight and I love not dragging out the long extension cord just to knock down the weeds in the alley.
Speaking of beer I got a huge amount of wort this time and I almost filled the fermenting bucket to the very top. So I’m using a blow off tube and have the bucket in my small bathroom shower in case of spillage. It seems to me the beer is somewhat like bread in that temp. and humidity can have quite an effect on how it turns out.  I want to brew a couple batches this weekend, one batch of amber and one batch of my black beer/porter.  I got a Lager recipe from Deb that  might be similar to a dark German pilsner I really liked back when I lived in Germany.  It’s always fun to try a new recipe and tweak it to what you want in a beer.  I have to buy some special grains for the new beer recipe, perhaps I can start it next week.
On the money front I’m feeling a little short. I’m not really, but I got used to having extra cash for stuff when I dropped my living costs.  I think it is the new cash saving plan for the emergency fund. I am not used to that as a cost to the budget and it’s taking some time to get used to it mentally.  Of course it would not be so bad if I did not try to get stocked up on meats/staples in anticipation of much higher costs this summer and fall.  Overall I’m feeling very confident about my food supply and it is very exciting to get the canning started.  I hope to do a meat  canning session at least twice a month until the fall harvest. By then I will have had plenty of practice for the veggies and using the outdoor kitchen.
Barring a disaster I think things will start getting back to somewhat normal by June. I don’t know if it just me but it seems when a “monkey wrench” gets thrown at my life it takes me about 3 months to get back on track mentally. Oh I get by just fine and can handle those little disasters but to feel I am back in control and not just reacting takes time.  I doubt I’m unique for a “recovery time” though I might be a bit slow. I don’t think it is wrong just one of those things you need to know about yourself and what is “normal” for you.

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