Review: 21st Amendment Fireside Chat Winter Spiced Ale

Fireside Chat

A week ago I went on a quest to find He Said, a seasonal beer by 21st Amendment Brewery and Elysian Brewing. I was unsuccessful, but did find this. Fireside Chat, a seasonal spiced ale by 21st Amendment with an ABV of 7.9 percent and 45 IBUs. I’d only heard good things about it and I’ve so far been impressed by the beers I’ve tried from this brewery. Sure, I couldn’t think of reason not to try it.

Meh, it was okay. Not terrible, not spectacular.

Overall it had a good color and smell. It was dark in the center with a reddish tinge around the edges and a creamy head that coated the edges of the glass nicely. The smell was interesting, like over ripe or baked apples, but with a tangy edge that reminded me of cinnamon or nutmeg. It smelled really delicious, but it didn’t smell any different from the other seasonal beers I’ve been trying. There was nothing to the fragrance that made it stand out. 

It tasted okay, It had a sweet beginning, again like the flesh of a baked apple, with a spicy edge from the spices. It was a little too bitter for me, but I think that was because I tried it warm. Bitter beers are much better cold in my opinion. At 45 IBUs, I definitely suggest chilling this beer before drinking it. It’s much, much better cold. 

I think the most interesting thing about this beer was the mouthfeel. It was surprisingly creamy for an ale, especially for an ale with such strong hop flavors. It actually reminded me of the filling from a pumpkin pie. It was great! The finish was dry and bitter, but that beginning was amazing! 

Although I wasn’t blown away, I’ll still consider this one a win for 21st Amendment and so far they’re three for three.  That might change when I try their Marooned on Hog Island Stout. It’s brewed with oyster shells. 

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