Rockaway Brewing Company

A new addition to my Queens list of favorites is Rockaway Brewing Co. On my way to celebrate my close friend Luis’ 40th birthday, I was determined to fill up a growler at Rockaway’s headquarters. We stumbled upon the brewery at the end of a very industrial street. Long Island City can still have a Mad Max feel. I hopped out of the car, very eager to see the scope of the operation.


I was greeted by Flint and John who were working the Sunday shift. They were very gracious. John took me on a tour of their brewing facility. Flint blessed me with some tastings. I was there for less than 7 minutes, but it was enough time to see the potential in the small brewery. I had their IPA and stout, which were both excellent. I decided to grab some stout to bring with me to the party. (Once Rockaway was unleashed at the party, the growler was empty in less than 10 minutes.)


Drop by Rockaway Brewing Co. to bring home some extremely fresh and expertly handcrafted beer, and to also support an up-and-coming Big Apple brewery. The trip from Manhattan to Long Island City is super quick. Rockaway Brewing Co. is also located right by the entrance to the 59th Street/Queensbridge. Taste their recently brewed beers and refill a growler for $15.


To read more about Rockaway Brewing Co. visit their website: 

You can also read more about owners Ethan Long and Marcus Burnett here!

Support local craft beer!


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